X-Ray Reporting

The page explains what is X-ray reporting what is the difference between ‘full report’ and Preliminary Clinical Evaluation (PCE), also known as radiographer commenting. We highlight the differences and their distinct roles in medical imaging interpretation.

What is Reporting?

X-ray Reporting refers to the process where radiologists or reporting radiographers interpret and provide a written report on an X-ray image. This report details the findings based on the observed image, indicating any abnormalities or changes.

  1. Interpretation: Radiologists or reporting radiographers carefully examine the X-ray image, identifying abnormalities such as fractures, infections, tumours, or other conditions.
  2. Documentation: The findings are then documented in a report. This provides a description of observations and, if abnormalities are present, details about its location, size, shape, and other relevant characteristics.
  3. Recommendation: The report might also suggest further investigations or treatments, if necessary.
  4. Communication: The X-ray report is subsequently shared with the referring physician, aiding in patient care decisions.

What is Preliminary Clinical Evaluation (PCE)?

Preliminary Clinical Evaluation (PCE), also know as radiographer commenting is an initial assessment done by radiographers immediately after an imaging procedure, like an X-ray. This preliminary evaluation ensures the image’s quality and spots any evident abnormalities that might necessitate urgent attention.

  1. Image Quality: Radiographers assess the X-ray for technical excellence, ensuring clarity, proper exposure, and coverage of the necessary anatomical area.
  2. Immediate Findings: Radiographers, while not always providing detailed reports, possess the skills to identify significant abnormalities. Any urgent concerns, such as suspected fractures, can be highlighted.
  3. Feedback: The PCE allows radiographers to offer instant feedback to the referring clinician if urgent action is required.

Reporting vs. Commenting

  1. Purpose:
    • X-ray Reporting offers a comprehensive interpretation of the X-ray findings, presenting a complete diagnostic overview.
    • Preliminary Clinical Evaluation (formely Radiographer Commenting) acts as an immediate check, focusing on image quality and any glaring findings.
  2. Personnel:
    • X-ray Reporting is performed by radiologists or reporting radiographers.
    • Preliminary Clinical Evaluation is carried out by radiographers.
  3. Timing:
    • X-ray Reporting could be more time-consuming as it necessitates a detailed examination of the image, often in comparison with past images, resulting in a comprehensive report.
    • Preliminary Clinical Evaluation (PCE) is conducted right after imaging, ensuring prompt feedback.

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